A protected area and national monument, Solentiname is a place of great beauty and interest for nature lovers and culture buffs alike. The name Solentiname comes from the Nahuatl “Celentiname”, which means “place of many guests.” The archipelago consists of 36 islands scattered in the Southeastern part of Lake Nicaragua.


Home to no less than 111 species of birds Solentiname is a great place for bird watching. The vast numbers of birds include the bare-throated tiger heron, the white ibis, the roseate spoonbill and the Montezuma oropendola. The greatest variety can be found on the island Zapote known as “the Bird House” (La Pajarera).


Solentiname is best known for its “primitivist” art: in 1965 the Nicaraguan priest and poet Ernesto Cardenal founded the world famous art community of Solentiname. To this day the local community of less than 1000 souls exists of many painters and woodcarvers. They excel in so-called naïve paintings and sculptures, depicting fauna and daily life with intense colors. The works have been exhibited in many museums in Europe and North America but in spite of their success the people of Solentiname are still as kind and welcoming as they ever were, true to their Nicaraguan spirit.



Solentiname also boasts 23 archeological sites. La Cueva del Duende, the Elf’s Cave, on Isla La Venada, is one of the principal sites. You can admire over a hundred petroglyphs of human figures and animals engraved on the cave walls.

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