About Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a safe, friendly and "off the beaten track" nature- and culture destination for travelers. Certainly if you prefer to truly discover and experience a new exciting destination, rather than following a well-worn path to one of the more popular tropical destinations, Nicaragua is the place to go! 


Nicaraguans are proud people: proud of their descent, their indigenous heritage, their poetry, their music and of course of their volcanoes, lakes and natural reserves. They tend to live with vitality and an ability to enjoy life in a manner that more prosperous societies sometimes seem to have forgotten. The charm, authenticity and hospitality of the people are probably some of the nation’s greatest attractions. 


Nicaragua has numerous natural attractions, like a range of active and inactive volcanoes with impressive flora and fauna. Also, beautiful beach destinations are always nearby. But what really distinguishes Nicaragua from neighboring Costa Rica is the Spanish-colonial and indigenous heritage: the cultural factor. The exquisite Spanish-colonial cities of Granada and León are eye catchers for anyone interested in the Spanish conquistadores and their legacy. On several places remnants can be found of pre-colonial times, especially of Nahuatl tribes. 


Recent investments have greatly improved the general tourism infrastructure and hotel variety and capacity, but somehow Nicaragua has retained its authentic character.

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