Los Guatuzos

The Wildlife Reserve Los Guatuzos, situated close to the archipelago of Solentiname, is one of the most extensive (43,750 hectares) wetland areas of the Central American isthmus.


The reserve’s particularity and singularity are explained by the fact that it has two climate zones, namely Tropical Humid Forest and Tropical Dry Forest, making up for a high diversity of different species. Besides a staggering 408 bird species the reserve houses endangered species like the spectacled caiman, the green iguana, river turtles, jaguars and tapirs.


Within the reserve there is an ecological centre from where an abundance of activities can be undertaken. You can go on a birdwatcher tour, hike the unspoilt surroundings, walk the hanging bridges, visit an orchid collection, go horseback riding, visit local villages, watch alligators by night, visit a turtle breeding ground and butterfly farm or do   a boat trip to the wetlands among other things. The Guatuzos Wildlife Reserve is simply captivating and not to be missed!

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