Isla de Ometepe

Lake Nicaragua, one of the biggest sweet water lakes in the world, harbours Isla de Ometepe. It consists of two volcanoes that, through their past eruptions, have created the big island. Nowadays, one of the volcanoes is dormant and the other is still active, creating an interesting variety of biospheres at a very short distance from each other.


The island is landmarked by two of the highest volcanoes of Nicaragua, each with its own typical climate and vegetation, due to the fact that Volcano Concepción is still active and Volcano Maderas is no longer active.


Volcano Conception has a dry climate and the soil doesn’t support a lot of vegetation, while Volcano Maderas is covered with dense rainforest and tropical vegetation. Hiking this volcano you will surely see the elegant White Throated Magpie Jay and howler monkeys. Apart from spectacular flora and fauna, Volcano Maderas hides pre-Colonial heritage, so called Petroglyps, scattered across the green slopes of the volcano.


Under the professional guidance of a local guide you can do several tours: climb the Concepción Volcano; climb the Maderas Volcano; hike to a waterfall of San Ramon; island tour (culture, history and nature). Isla de Ometepe can easily be reached both from Costa Rica, crossing the lake by boat, quite an adventure with some amazing views.




Twain, Travels with Mr. Brown, 1940: 46


"Marvel in the same vista that welcomed and astonished Twain upon his arrival to Lake Nicaragua



Out of the midst of the beautiful Lake Nicaragua spring two magnificent pyramids, clad in the softest and richest green, all flecked with shadow and sunshine, whose summits pierce the billowy clouds. They look so isolated from the world and its turmoil—so tranquil, so dreamy, so steeped in slumber and eternal repose. What a home one might make among their shady forests, their sunny slopes, their breezy dells, after he had grown weary of the toil, anxiety and unrest of the bustling, driving world."